Indoor advertising is one of the oldest yet most effective ways of achieving extreme exposure for your business at an affordable rate. We have venues all over the state of Utah and can easily create a a marketing plan for you that will target your costumers based on their age, likes, gender, and buying power. Prepare to receieve more leads, new clients, and brand recognition all over the state of Utah!
Your ad is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore. And because your message is presented in such an intimate setting, it is received on a much more personal level...creating higher viewer recall, familiarity, and trust.
You have 1 - 4 full minutes of your prospective customer's time while they're physically idle, yet mentally engaged...without any interruptions or distractions. Compare that with the mere 3 - 5 seconds spent glancing at the average print ad. And they can't change the channels or turn the page (like they do with other advertising).
Because you have the viewer's undivided attention for an extended period of time, and because your message is presented in such a unique and personal way, it is remembered for days...even weeks later.
You can target your message to reach specific demographics such as gender, income, lifestyle, and age. As a result, you spend less of your advertising dollar and still reach a higher percentage of your desired target market.
Very Affordable We offer full color advertising for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising...If you need a professional ad design, logo, or website our experts can take care of it.
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